ACT Pokie Reform Trial To Be Delayed

It has already taken over a year for local politicians to agree on the terms of the new poker machine reform trial that will be taking place in the ACT. Unfortunately, now , it will be another two years before the trial actually takes place.

According to the Gaming Technologies Association of Australia, equipping all of the machines in the ACT with pre-commitment technology will take years. Politicians never seemed to take this step of the process into consideration, believing that it would be a ‘flick of the switch’ solution. However, that is not the case, as it will take quite some time for all of the machines to be equipped with the necessary software.

There are over a dozen different types of poker machines across Australia, each created by different developers. As a result, each machine will have to be custom-fitted with the correct software. The process could cost $100 000 per machine.

As such, the potential national rollout of poker machine reform could take up to a decade. Since it will take two years just to outfit poker machines in the ACT, it will take several more years to do the same for all of the poker machines throughout Australia.