Problem Gambling Ads Banned

Anti-gambling group GetUp has received word that it will not be able to post advertisements about problem gambling on local busses. The ads, which were meant to highlight the issue of problem gambling in the local community, have been banned by the government.

According to Simon Sheik, director of GetUp, the advertisements were aimed to making the general public aware of the dangers of gambling. He felt that it was important that the community understand how serious of an issue problem gambling actually is in the country, and is disappointed that the government does not feel the same way.

“Well public interest messaging should be just that: in the public interest,” he said. “So it’s inappropriate for an advertising campaign that’s not at all offensive to be blocked”.

The ACT will be hosting the pokie reform trial in at least two years, so now seemed like an appropriate time to make the public aware of problem gambling; however, the government does not see things the same way. Unfortunately, it seems that the government is not even very enthusiastic about the trial itself; so it’s likely that politicians are simply looking out for their best interests.