Wilkie Doubts Government Dedication to Pokie Reform

When it comes to pokie reform, it certainly has been an uphill battle for MP Andrew Wilkie. Now, recent reports show that the Gillard Government, with whom Wilkie spent hours negotiation, was never serious about the idea of implementing poker machine reform. The proof comes as a set of documents, which show that Gillard cancelled an $800 000 pokie reform campaign behind Wilkie’s back.

In 2011, media consultants were hired to sell the idea of poker machine reform to the public. A financial document shows that this initiative was cancelled, as Gillard did not need their assistance, after all. Gillard states that it was because ‘we were satisfied we had what we needed’ rather than not wanting to generating support for the reform.

However, Wilkie is not convinced. After receiving word of this transgression, Andrew Wilkie spoke to News Limited about his feelings. Now, he believes that the Labour government was never on board with the idea of pokie reform. As if giving him the run-around was not enough; now, these documents further prove that pokie reform was never a serious option for the Australian public.