Pokies Attracting Problem Gamblers

One of the main reasons that Andrew Wilkie fought for poky reform was because he believe that the machines were the most popular form of gambling among problem gamblers. A new study has proven him right, as the Flinders University School of Medicine shows that 90% of those with gambling addictions are addicted to pokies.

The report shows that those addicted to pokies far outnumber those addicted to other casino games. According to the report, 1% of the population of problem gamblers in Australia is addicted to online gambling while 89% are addicted to pokies. It seems to be an epidemic in the country, and pokie reform seemed to be the best solution to the problem.

Over the course of the past few years, the number of gambling addicts has increased; however, the number of those seeking help has not. It would seem that the best solution would be the inherently treat the problem with betting limits – but the government has already nixed that idea. As such, it is important that family members and friends urge their loved ones to seek help should they discover any signs of problem gambling.