13 of 700 Problem Gambling Pokies Removed

When it comes to problem gambling, the local government has come up with a number of solutions to the problem. Before pokie reform was ever introduced, the local government felt that removing a number of hotel pokies would be the best course of action. Seven years later, the government is having a hard time getting rid of the last 700 poker machines.

So far, 2221 poker machines have been removed, but the government has struggled to eliminate the last 700 machines. This year, only 13 pokies were removed, but the government still sees this as a victory.

“The authority regards this as a promising result,” says a letter from the director of the Office of the Independent Gambling Authority. “While the number traded was not high, prior to the trade there had been significant concern that no trades would be achieved.”

So, the government will continue pushing on with its goal, but the general public wonders what the point is. According to Nick Xenophon, if it continues along at this pace, it will take 60 years before the remaining poker machines are removed from the country.