Concern Over New Salvation Army Problem Gambling Program

Clubs Australia is working hard to get the public on its side, but it seem that its efforts are misguided. The organization’s new program will put Salvation Army chaplains in gaming rooms to offer help to potential problem gamblers, but Senator Nick Xenophon is not convinced that this will do anything to help the issue of problem gambling.

A one-year trial of the program will take place at the Mingara Recreational Club, which hosts 402 gambling machines. In the gaming room, chaplains will be able to offer counselling services to players who are having a difficult time. They will also offer home visits to those which require on-going assistance.

Nick Xenophon does not believe that the program will be effective and that Clubs Australia is aware of it. He believes that the program is just for show, as the organization attempts to align itself with charitable organizations. While Clubs Australia attempts to earn credibility, the group is missing out on the bigger picture.

Anthony Ball of Clubs Australia defends his program, however. He states that he is not concerned with the politics of the situation and is more interested in doing something to help the general public.