Pokie Reform Pushed Back Again

When it comes to poker machine reform, it seems that nothing will ever come to fruition. Despite the fact that MP Andrew Wilkie and the Gillard government have come to an agreement for launching a poky reform trial, there are still plenty of factors that have affected the process in a negative way. As such, the earliest the reform will take place is likely in 2014.

For quite some time, gaming manufacturers have been saying that it will take over a year to equip all poker machines with the software necessary to conduct a pokie reform trial. The initial start date was set for 2013; however, since politicians have still yet to iron out the details, poker machine companies are now quoting 2014 as the beginning of the trial.

Wilkie blames The Greens for the slow process, as the political group has continued to push for $1 betting limits despite the government’s rejection. Anthony Ball of Clubs Australia blames anti-gambling politicians like Senator Nick Xenophon for refusing to agree to any effective gambling reform initiative. So, the buck has been passed a number of times – but it will not encourage pokie reform to be implemented any sooner.