Concerns Over Casino Smoking Ban Exemption

It has recently been announced that The Star Casino in NSW would be exempt from an indoor smoking law ban, allowing high roller players to smoke while they gamble. The legislation has not gone over well with most citizens, and the health of the dealers in the VIP rooms is their main concern.

In the Letters section of the Sydney Morning Herald, a number of incensed citizens voiced their opinions. Many were concerned about the health of the ‘volunteers’ who work in the card room, but others found themselves questioning their place in the healthcare system.

Individuals who work in the VIP card rooms volunteer to do so, so there is not a conflict of interest between the employer and the employee. While this seems like the only fair way to go about things, many individuals are wondering if it would be fair for these individuals to collect compensation if they end up with smoking-related conditions later on in life. In the same vein, should they opt-out of public healthcare when they fall ill?

There are several unanswered questions, and the government has yet to respond. The specifics of the smoking ban exemption still need to be worked out.