New Study to Examine Social Effects on Gambling

When you play casino games at a land-based gambling venue, it is a social activity. Even online gambling is becoming increasingly social, as more and more operators take note of the success of social gaming. A new study aims to examine how your social life affects your gambling habits, a research topic that has yet to be explored.

The study will be led by Dr. Adam Goodie, examining 250 regular gamblers and their social circles. As is the case with any activity, their real-life social networks will have a significant impact on their behaviour and habits when it comes to gambling. The study aims to find out just how it occurs.

The main focus will be aimed at how problem gambling affects the player’s relationships. However, it all depends on the size of the group and its dynamics. One group of friends will most certainly see different results from another, which is why the study will be collecting data from more than 1000 individuals.

This is an important study in the world of gambling. Many researchers have chosen to believe that it is a solitary activity, but that is not the case. Gambling both influences and is influenced by a person’s social life, and this study will examine that link.