Smoking Allowed in ‘Outdoor’ Areas of Gaming Clubs

Smoking laws are a sensitive topic. Depending on who you speak to, their opinions will differ greatly. While most people believe that smoking should be banned in all public places, others believe that there should be exemptions – and the NSW seems to side with the latter.

Although a law was recently passed to ban smoking in public outdoor areas (bus stops, taxi ranks, etc), smoking is still allowed in VIP rooms at The Star Casino. This has also led to it being revealed that smoking is also allowed in ‘outdoor’ gaming areas in local pubs and clubs.

The outdoor areas in question are gaming rooms in which only 75% of the area is enclosed. As such, the room is considered an outdoor space, according to previous smoking laws. So, for the time being, visitors to certain gaming clubs can continue to smoke while they play.

The Star Casino is relieved at the decision to allow smoking in its VIP rooms, and we’re sure that club owners are also satisfied with the loophole. They will certainly attract a new type of customer and avoid losing patrons to venues that allow smoking indoors.