Offline to Online Shift for Australian Gambling Market

The Australian gambling market is seeing a shift from offline to online and mobile gaming. As more players find themselves with smartphones, tablet computers and laptops, they are becoming better acquainted with the online gambling world, choosing to play pokies online rather than in land-based clubs.

According to a recent report by Radio Australia, some of the biggest Australian gaming operators are experiencing a shift in the behaviour of their players. TabCorp has reported that about 20% of its revenue today comes from mobile gambling. Sportsbet is beginning to see similar results, experiencing a shift 240% increase on its mobile gaming services.

So, it seems like perfect timing for the Australian government to begin its review of the Interactive Gaming Act. Since the act has not been reviewed since it was passed in 2001, online and mobile gambling are not addressed. Now, politicians are looking for ways to improve the act by ensuring that online gambling outlets are accounted for. Whether or not online gaming will be regulated remains to be seen; however, online casino companies are confident that they will soon have a place in Australia’s gambling market.