Potential for New Casino on Gold Coast

Across Australia, a number of plans are being made to build new casinos. Clive Palmer is in the process of making plans for a new casino in Coolum while James Packer is developing a casino in Bangaroo. Now, the Gold Coast is considering the idea of building a new casino in hopes of boosting the area’s economy.

It seems that gambling expansion is the go-to solution for any Australian city, when finances are suffering. So, it is no wonder that Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has proposed the idea of building a new casino in the state in order to help the economy improve. Gold Coat Mayor Tom Tate jumped on board with the idea immediately and is now working out the details with Newman.

While the idea of a new casino is enticing for government coffers, the politicians would like the venue to offer more than gambling. Tate would like the new casino to be a ‘cultural centre’ complete with a 5-star hotel to boost tourism rates.

At the moment, Tate and Newman are examining the possibility of bringing another casino to the Gold Coast, and ironing out the details. Local gaming operators and the general public will also be able to weigh in on the issue.