Sky City Fined For Silence on Vaikunta Sacking

Earlier this year, Sky City managing director Sid Vaikunta was sacked over allegedly taking part in a sexual harassment scandal. Although the casino operator did the right thing by letting the executive go, Sky City is still paying for the event – literally. The company has been fined $110 000 by the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority for keeping quiet about the issue.

Vaikunta was suspended from his position at the casino in January 2012 for harassing two female managers. It was at this time that Star City should have contacted the gaming authority, notifying it of the transgressions that had taken place. When Vaikunta was sacked in February 2012, ILGA was still unaware of the incident.

ILGA required notification of the events that had transpired so that it could weigh in on the issue. One of the most important factors was that the gaming authority would have liked to conduct its own investigation into the issue, but it was not given the opportunity to do so.

As such, ILGA believes that a $110 000 fine is sufficient, punishing Sky City for keeping the gaming authority out of the loop. The hope is that the fine will encourage Sky City to be more open if such a situation occurs again.