Gillard To Hire Committee for Pokie Reform Trial

Just last week, MP Andrew Wilkie had shown signs of giving up on the mandatory pre-commitment trial that was scheduled to take place next year in the ACT. However, the federal government is finally making some progress towards ensuring that the trial actually takes place. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has recently announced that she is hiring a committee to oversee the trial, marking the first real sign of progress that the government has made thus far.

Gillard has stated that the committee will oversee the process of developing the trial. This will include ensuring that all machines are outfitted with the proper software and that all pub owners receive adequate compensation for taking part. It is the first real sign of any willingness on the federal government’s part to run the trial.

If Gillard continues on this path, we could see the trial taking place as early as the end of 2013. Manufacturers still require a year to outfit all of the machines in the ACT with mandatory-pre-commitment software; however, we are certainly on the right path, and it won’t be long before the trial begins taking place.