Potential Harm in Targeting Asian Gamblers

James Packer of Crown Casinos has stated that one of his key strategies for the success of his gambling venues is attracting Asian gamblers. However, this strategy could have implications for the Asian community, which have yet to be explored. A recent report by the Special Broadcasting Services takes a look at the potential harm of targeting Asian gamblers exclusively.

According to the post, written by Simon Sun (an Asian student studying in Australia), Asians are more likely to gamble, as their beliefs value fortune and luck. Many Asian businesspeople even say that casinos are crucial to some transaction with clients. It serves a valuable purpose among the community; however, there are some implications.

Sun notes that studies show Asian students are more prone to developing problem gambling habits. Since their culture values luck and their community is targeted by gambling ads, they are exposed to gambling from all sides.

“They arrive here with lump sums of money for their education and accommodation, are lonely and isolated, and are attracted to the glamour and liveliness of casinos,” says Sun.

His post highlights the importance of investigating problem gambling in all communities. While Native and underage gambling studies are underway, it may be time for a study that targets Asians in Australia.