Debate Over Gambling at Bendigo Stadium

The operators of Bendigo Stadium in Victoria have had their eyes on 30 new poker machines. Despite having existing pokies license, the city wants to block the introduction of the new games by issuing a requirement for a planning permit. The case is something that has yet to be seen by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), and it will certainly set a precedent.

Bendigo Stadium obtained the licenses necessary to install new poker machines at the venue. However, the city is against the installation of new pokies, and is doing everything in its power to prevent the operator from getting the games. As such, the local council has argued that Bendigo Stadium needs to obtain a planning permit before any further action can be taken.

“Every time we ask the community about the vision for this city, the community tells us very strongly they do not want any more poker machines,” says Prue Mansfield of the Bendigo Council.

A hearing will be held on October 15 to decide how Bendigo Stadium will have to proceed. In the meantime, the venue’s operators are not deterred by the delay. They continue to look forward to bringing new poker machines to the venue, stating that they will use the additional profits to renovate the stadium.