Victoria Sees 25% Less Money Spent on Pokies

Local MPs have presented serious concerns about rising problem rates across Australia. Thousands of people across the country are affected by gambling addiction, and the government wants to reduce problem gambling rates. However, Victoria has already seen a significant decline in gambling spending, which could mean that problem gambling rates are shrinking.

According to WA Today, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation has found that Victorians are spending 25% less money on poker machines than they had in 2003. In 2011, gambling spending was just $613 per person, on average. This marks a significant decline from 2003, when the national average for pokies spending was $627.

The government’s efforts to curb problem gambling rates are likely behind this significant decline, as it seems to have affect residents’ attitudes about gambling. With talk of betting limits and mandatory pre-commitment on the horizon, it is likely that pokies players are already putting their own limits into action.

This is a positive step forward for Australia’s gambling market. With problem gambling rates on the rise, it is a positive sign that overall spending is down.