New Self-Exclusion Program Available in NSW

Pokie reform has been passed, as the local government attempts to cut down on problem gambling. The system will allow for players to set their own limits before their wager on pokies, and responsible gambling advocates are optimistic about its potential results. Now, it seems that more groups are coming forward with their ideas for curbing problem gambling rates, as ClubsNSW has launched a new self-exclusion program.

The self-exclusion program from ClubsNSW allows players to ban themselves from local clubs via online services. On the organization’s new website, players fill out a binding self-exclusion document, which will prohibit them from being able to enter various venues in their area.

Previously, problem gamblers had to submit to self-exclusion programs manually. Handing forms in to and having your photo taken by another person can be a shaming experience, so online services encourage players join self-exclusion programs without feeling embarrassed.

However, the same problems arise. Since the enforcement of the program does not occur electronically, there is room for human error. Bar staff are responsible for memorizing the names and photos of self-excluded gamblers, and they may not be able to identify them 100% of the time.

“It’s not fool-proof and we know that” says Matt O’Hara of ClubsNSW. “But, we’ll do everything we can to try and detect them”.