SkyCity Spends $300 Million on Adelaide Casino Renovations

Over the course of the past year, Australia’s gambling market has become increasingly competitive. Due to the economic downturn, local gamblers have been spending less money at casinos – so operators have decided to focus their attention elsewhere. The result has been a shift towards high-roller gambling, as local casino companies attempt to lure wealthy gamblers from overseas. While Echo Entertainment and Crown Casinos have cornered the high-roller market, SkyCity is now getting involved by renovating its Adelaide location.

SkyCity Adelaide will receive a $300 million renovation that will make the casino an attractive tourist destination for gamblers from Asia. It will include revamping its VIP gaming areas, as well as introducing new bars, restaurants and entertainment venues. This will make the casino into a well-rounded venue that will keep wealthy players coming back for more.

The renovation is also likely to include the installation of new poker machines. According to reports, as many as 500 new pokies could be introduced. These games will come equipped with ‘cashless gambling’ capability, so high rollers can wager upwards of $1000 per spin.

Due to the increase of gaming machines, SkyCity will have to pay an additional $59 million in taxes. However, it seems to be a small price to pay in order to attract the lucrative patronage of high roller players from across Asia.