New Star CEO Wants To Improve Casino’s Reputation

Last year, Australia’s most popular casino found itself embroiled in a damaging scandal as former Managing Director Sid Vaikunta was accused of sexually harassing staff. Now, Vaikunta is gone, but The Star’s tarnished reputation remains. Now, John Redmond has taken on the role of Echo Entertainment’s new chief executive, and he has charged himself with the task of rebuilding The Star Casino’s reputation.

Redmond is a well-known gaming mogul from the United States, and he claims that he has seen the dark side of the gambling world. As such, he is more than adequately prepared to handle any scandals – past or future – that The Star Casino may encounter. It is important that The Star, a popular Australian gambling venue, remains an attractive choice among tourists and locals.

“The things of the past are exactly that. I draw a line in the sand,” says Redmond. “A new year and new opportunity”.

Now that The Star is fighting to keep its exclusivity agreement with Bangaroo, the casino will need to do damage control. Crown Casinos wants to build a new casino in the area that will directly compete with Echo Entertainment’s property, and Redmond wants to ensure that The Star maintains a positive reputation.