MP Wants Auditor General’s Opinion on Crown Casino Proposal

Crown Casino seems to have wooed most Sydney politicians with its plans to build a new high-roller casino in Bangaroo. However, there are some political figures that are not yet convinced, and they require some unbiased examination before they show their support for the plan.

Sydney MP Alex Greenwich has written to the Office of the Auditor Genera in NSW. He has asked that the office audit the proposal that Crown Casinos has presented, reporting on the social and financial costs and impacts that the casino will present to the state.

“Whether you support the casino or not, everyone in the state would surely want to make sure NSW is getting the best deal possible,” says Greenwich.

A report from the Auditor General goes into great detail about all of the potential advantages and drawbacks of a certain situation. In this case, the Office of the Auditor General would give the NSW public a comprehensive look into the future of the new casino and how this will affect the local community.

The Star Casino has made competing plans, so Echo Entertainment would also benefit from a report from the Auditor General on Crown Casino’s proposal. Should the audit prove that that plan would not benefit the community, Echo Entertainment’s resort casino plans are likely to be approved.