Federal Government Prepares for Mandatory Pre-Commitment Trial

Poker machine reform legislation was passed at the end of 2012, requiring all gaming clubs and pubs across Australia to equip their machines with voluntary pre-commitment technology. As part of the legislation, the ACT would be required to run a trial of mandatory pre-commitment software, testing whether or not this strategy would be more effective. Now, the federal government is taking the necessary steps to prepare for this long-awaited trial.

Federal politicians have started a tender process for designers and researchers that will help create the new mandatory pre-commitment software. The research team that is chosen will determine the best way to equip games with mandatory self-imposed limits while the designers will create the software. The tender process with ensure that the best teams for the job are chosen, as all interested parties must submit proposals.

Like all aspects of poker machine reform, the ACT’s trial has been delayed a number of times. Originally, it was scheduled to begin during February 2013 but, as you can tell, it will be quite some time before the mandatory pre-commitment trial is ready to start. However late, it is a step in the right direction, as local politicians work hard to find ways to stop problem gambling rates from increasing.