Bookmakers Suspend Bets on First AFL Match

Match-fixing has become a prevalent concern throughout Australian sports leagues. Politicians are concerned that the micro-betting market makes it easy for match-fixing to occur, compromising the integrity of the game. As Senator Nick Xenophon request an inquiry into the matter, sportsbooks across the country are taking issue into their own hands.

CentreBet, TattsBet and TAB SportBet have all suspended betting on the upcoming match between Adelaide and Essendon. It is first match of the AFL season, and it seems as though these sportsbetting operators want to start the year off right. All three operators have suspended all wagers on this particular match, and CentreBet has also suspended futures.

While the regulated sportsbetting market has shown their support for Senator Xenophon’s cause, the AFL is not as accommodating. Representatives of the league state that there is no need to ban or suspend any type of betting, as the AFL already has a handle on this situation. There are monitoring systems in place to ensure that suspicious wagers are investigated, leaving little room for match-fixing to take place.

However, Senator Xenophon maintains that banning micro-betting would protect the integrity of sports in Australia. It is not secret that match-fixing scandals run rampant throughout international sports leagues, and Senator Xenophon would like to prevent this from being the case at home.