Hackers Scam $32 Million From Crown Casino

Crown Casino in Melbourne has been the victim of a sophisticated and high-tech scam. Although few details have been revealed, it seems that a high roller gambler collaborated with Crown Casino employees in order to steal $32 million from the operator.

The casino operator has been quite tight-lipped about the crime, refusing to reveal any details. However, security expert Barron Stringfellow has weighed in. He states that it is likely the casino’s surveillance system was hacked, giving an employee the ability to feed information to the gambler while he was playing at the tables.

It was not long before the cheater was discovered, but he still managed to get away with over $30 million. He was immediately ejected and banned from the casino, while several VIP employees were subsequently sacked.

The situation is quite ironic because the sophistication of Crown Casino’s high-resolution surveillance systems is likely to have made the venue a target. Normally, cheaters would steer clear of a casino with such high-tech security systems – but, in this case, they benefitted the criminal.

An investigation is underway, as authorities attempt to figure out exactly how the scam was carried out, and Crown Casino is confident that it can recover some of the stolen funds. We will keep you updated as new developments arise.