Barangaroo Casino Report to be Released

Premier Barry O’Farrell has refused to publish the results of a report on the viability of the new Bangaroo gambling venue that was proposed by Crown Ltd. Since the beginning of the year, he has kept the findings to himself – but some peer pressure seems to have changed his mind.

This week, Labour leader John Robertson announced that his party would withdraw its support for the casino if the results were not published soon. Although the group previously backed the proposal, the Labour party wants to know exactly how the casino will affect the community before it gives its blessing.

“Mr O’Farrell promised openness and transparency in government,” reads a statement from The Greens. “It is about time he delivered.”

The Greens have also come forward to back Labour. Members of the political party want to ensure that O’Farrell maintains his commitment to transparency and fairness by showing the public the findings of the report.

O’Farrell has finally agreed to publish the report – but on one condition. He will only release the results after cabinet has approved the venue. This seems counterproductive, and it is unlikely that Labour or The Greens will go along with the plan.