Crown Casino Partners With Mission Australia

Crown Casino is preparing for the launch of its new high roller gambling venue by taking the necessary precautions for problem gamblers. This week, the casino operator announced its new deal with Mission Australia, which will provide 24/7 counselling for players at the new high-roller gambling venue.

When James Packer initially proposed his plan to build a second casino in Sydney, several MPs expressed concerns about rising problem gambling rates. MP Reverend Fred Nile stated that his support of the proposal would depend entirely on Packer’s responsible gambling initiatives. Now that Crown Casino has struck up a deal with Mission Australia, it is likely that its high-roller casino proposal will receive much more political support.

The deal will see Mission Australia become an official partner of the new gambling venue. The organization will provide 24-hour counselling services. Since the casino is targeted at tourists from Asian, counselling will be offered in multiple languages.

The proposal for the new high roller casino is still up for review, and this news will certainly help its case. Crown Casino taking initiative in the fight against problem gambling, which will shine a positive light on the company’s future business endeavours.