Crown Casinos Releases Designs For New High Roller Venue

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell has not decided whether Echo Entertainment or Crown Casinos will build Sydney’s new gambling venue, but James Packer think he has won this battle already. The Crown Casinos CEO has recently released three sketches of potential designs for the high roller casino, indicating that he is confident that his proposal will win.

The three designs were submitted by architects from around the world. Each one is a modern-designed skyscraper on the Sydney harbour front. They are all quite eye-catching, and Packer has even gone so far as to call them ‘inspirational’.

“With these sorts of designs, Crown Sydney will be the most iconic building constructed in this city since the Opera House,” says Packer, praising the sketches.

Locals are unsure what to think of the designs. Many residents have claimed that they do not fit in with the existing skyline, while others believe that Packer should have enlisted in local architects. Regardless, Packer is confident that the sketches will persuade O’Farrell and NSW politicians that his venue should be granted a gambling license and that Echo Entertainment’s exclusivity agreement should not be renewed.