Critics Judge Crown Sydney Design Harshly

Earlier this month, James Packer released several potential designs for his proposed high roller casino in Sydney. The three finalist designs were from architecture firms all over the world, and the winner was Wilkinson Eyre from the United Kingdom. While Packer calls the design innovative and iconic, locals are not very impressed.

According to the Australian Institute of Architects, the design does not match the rest of the city’s skyline. It seems to stick out like a sore thumb, and the institute believes that a local firm would have presented a more suitable design.

“What will be the impact of such a monumental building on the low-scale and people-friendly community facilities proposed for the harbour side of Barangaroo Central?” asks Joe Agius, president of the Australian Institute of Architects.

However, James Packer pays these comments no mind. He believes that the design of the new casino will be so iconic that it will rival the Sydney Opera House. He claims that the key to a casino’s success in gambling centres like Dubai and Macau are innovative architecture, and Packer feels that Eyre’s design will help to attract visitors from all over the world.