Gambling Logos Could be Removed From Sports Jerseys

Recently, Australia has seen a crackdown on the gambling advertising industry. Local politicians have targeted betting firms that advertise during televised sporting events, and Julia Gillard has cut down on the amount of ads that these companies may air. Now, politicians have set their sights on sports sponsorships.

Around the world, it is common for gambling operators and casino firms to advertise using sports jerseys. They sponsor popular teams and adorn their jerseys with their logos. It is a widely accepted, but Australian politicians are now questioning whether this is harmful for underage viewers.

The main concern is that these types of advertisements are consumed by young people, who are taught that there is connection between gambling and sports. It is thought that young people may end up being conditioned to gamble.

So, the Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform has requested that a review be conducted on logo sponsorship deals. They would like to determine whether or not this type of advertising is actually harmful for young sports spectators. If so, there is the possibility that the government could ban sports teams from having gambling logos on their jerseys.