Drugs Discovered At Celebrity’s Apartment in Star Casino Complex

Last week, police discovered drugs in the apartment of Joel Madden, a judge on The Voice Australia. The local celebrity had been stay in the apartments located in the Darling Hotel, which is located at The Star Casino in Sydney.

Madden, the former lead singer for Good Charlotte, has spoken publically about his struggles with substance abuse. He has stated that if it were not for marijuana, he would be much worse off. There are also rumours that he indulges in drugs during tapings of The Voice.

Cleaning staff had found a small amount of marijuana in Madden’s hotel room and informed the police. Days later, the authorities obtained a search warrant and discovered 5 grams of the substance. When an individual is found with less than 15 grams of marijuana, they are normally given a warning.

In Madden’s case, he got off with just a few stern words from the police. The Star Casino, however, was not as forgiving. He was ordered by the casino’s management team to leave the premises immediately. The Star Casino has been involved in its fair share of drug scandals, and the operator certainly wanted to distance itself from this case.