Politicians Want to Reopen Christmas Island Casino

Christmas Island was home a casino for four years in the 1990s. It was shut down nearly a decade ago, but an Australian Senate Committee wants to see the venue reopened to benefit the local economy.

There are mounting concerns about Christmas Islands’ ability to support itself financially. At the moment, the island’s only money-makers are its detention centre and its phosphate mine – which has only had its license extended until 2034. So, Christmas Island is in need of a solution to generate more income.

The island’s economy is suffering because of its health care costs. Christmas Island has become home to many asylum seekers, and the government requires more funding to cover their healthcare costs.

The difficulty in generating this funding lies in the fact that the island does not have enough sustainable resources. A casino would help to boost the local tourism economy, drawing in visitors from across Australia and Asia.

“The potential benefits to Christmas Island if the casino succeeds are considerable,” reads a report from the Senate Committee.

The issue will be reviewed later this month. It seems to have a great deal of support, so it is entirely possible that Christmas Island will be home to a casino soon.