NRL Bans Speculative Betting

In Australia, the federal government is working hard to crack down on betting scams. Politicians have taken several precautions that will prevent individuals from taking part in match-fixing scandals, and now the NRL is getting involved. This week, the sports league has requested that leading bookmakers cease the offering of speculative markets.

A speculative market is one that requires players to wager on events that take place outside of sports matches. These types of markets ‘speculate’ what is in the future of players or particular teams. For example, a market could ask players to wager on which players will be traded. There are concerns about this type of bet because the outcome can easily be manipulated and insider information can be obtained easily.

”They are speculative bets where there is no time frame for how information may or may not be decided or released and that is why we raised some concern,” says a spokesperson for the NRL. ”It was not a bet type that we had approved and we discussed our concerns with Sportsbet who have suspended the bet.”

The betting operator is not yet convinced that speculative markets are harmful. A spokesperson for Sportsbet has stated that the company has not done anything wrong, and the firm has been in contract with the NRL to discuss the issue further.