New Sydney Casino Could Be Exempt From Smoking Ban

Sydney’s new high-roller casino may be exempt from the public smoking ban, as Crown Casinos CEO aims to appease VIP gamblers. His proposal for the new venue states that it is essential for the gaming floor to permit smoking, but health officials are not convinced that this is a good idea.

For the past decade, health groups and politicians have fought to expand smoking bans across the country. It is now illegal to smoking cigarettes in public places, including pubs, restaurants and casinos. Even some outdoor spaces are restricted, such as bus stops and taxi ranks.

Packer has pleaded his case to NSW politicians. In a letter, he wrote:

“In order to effectively compete with Macau, Singapore and the rest of Asia, Crown Sydney will need to permit smoking in VIP gaming areas”.

However, healthcare groups will not let this happen without a fight. Anti-smoking organizations have stated that allowing smoking on the gaming floor of the new casino would be a step backwards, considering how hard politicians have worked to establish a public smoking ban across Australia.