New Codes Imposed for Gambling Ads

Recently, Australian advertising standards have come under fire for their lenience with gambling operators. Parents and politicians were concerned that young people were being heavily influenced by betting ads that air during sports events. This week, the Australian Communications and Media Authority has registered new advertising codes that will apply to betting firms.

‘The ACMA worked with broadcasters to enhance and harmonise the codes so they provide appropriate community safeguards for the matters covered by them,’ reads a recent press release from the ACMA.

One of the major concerns about gambling advertising was the display of live odds. Under the new code, live odds cannot be displayed at any point during game play. The same applies for betting commercials, which are also prohibited from being displayed 30 minutes before and after a game.

The commentators’ table will also undergo some changes. Firstly, they will not be permitted to make mention of any betting information, and betting representatives cannot join commentators at the table.

These codes will be enforced immediately. So, you may be shocked to see the lack of gambling-related advertisements the next time you tune into a game of football or rugby.