Fung Encourages Public to Support New Cairns Casino

The Queensland government has recently granted billionaire Tony Fung permission to build a new mega casino resort near the Great Barrier Reef. Although he has earned the necessary approval from local politicians, Fung also wants the support of the community.

“It is very important for me that I come back and get a feel myself of the community and how everyone is reacting to this news,” Mr Fung said told The Cairns Post.

In recent history, Australian residents have spoken out against introducing new gambling opportunities into the community .However, Mr Fung wants residents to recognize that the new casino will present them with an opportunity to improve the economy by attracting tourists and creating thousands of jobs.

According to Mr Fung, the casino resort will cost $4.2 billion to build. It will generate 9000 construction jobs until the site is completed in 2018. When the property is completed, it will house 9 hotels, a luxury casino, several theatres, a convention centre and a shopping centre. More than 10 000 jobs will be created, and the property will attract visitors from around the world.

Cairns is already home to the Great Barrier Reef. This world wonder attracts thousands of tourists each year, and the new mega resort will provide visitors with even more reasons to spend their holidays in Queensland.