Burswood Residents Fight Crown Perth Extension

The Burswood Entertainment Complex is home to James Packer’s Crown Perth casino. The property is also inhabited by several local residents, who are interested in taking legal action against Packer’s plans to build a new $570 million hotel in the complex.

The government will sell 5.8 hectares of land to the casino operator for the construction of the new venue. While the hotel will bring in plenty of high-roller business and generate valuable tourism dollars, residents are concerned that it will be an eyesore. In addition to ruining their views of the city, they believe that the new hotel would compromise the value of their own property.

The Supreme Court has offered advice to 23 Burswood residents on the issue of taking Crown Casinos to court. Representatives have ordered the state government to hand over documents about the project, which would help the residents develop their case.

This issue has stirred up quite a bit of controversy. While Burswood residents are upset about the new casino, other Australians state that it should have been expected. Burswood is a thriving property, and Australians argue that it was going to be expanded sooner or later.