Brisbane Residents Against Second Casino

In Brisbane, Echo Entertainment and Crown Casinos are competing over the rights to be able to expand the city’s gambling market. Echo Entertainment wants to relocate and expand the Treasury Casino while Crown Casinos wants to build an entirely new venue. As it stands, residents are siding with Echo, because they don’t want to see another casino in the city.

The community wants to keep the culture of the city intact and does not want Brisbane to turn into a gambling destination. As such, Echo Entertainment’s plan is likely the best option for the market. The casino operator wants to expand its casino into a resort, rather than expanding the city’s gambling opportunities. Crown Casinos, on the other hands, wants to build a new casino that focuses on high roller gamblers.

Echo Entertainment commissioned a study on the issue from JSW Research. The casino operator wanted to determine public opinion on the matter of expanding the gambling market in the city. According to the report, most residents were opposed to the idea of building an entirely new casino. 34% of respondents were in favour of an expansion of the Treasury. The number was boosted to 77% when they discovered that they project would not involve any additional pokies.