Broadwater Development Unlikely to Include Casino

Developers on the Gold Coast are in the process of designing the new Broadwater Marine Project, a property that will boost the local tourism market. Initially, a casino was to be included on site, but the local environment council are not entirely sure that this would be the best course of action.

Lois Levy recently spoke out about the issue on behalf of the Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council. She stated that her peers doubt that it is a good idea to build a new casino at Broadwater because the property will be located very close to Brisbane.

At the moment, Brisbane politicians are considering expanding the city’s gambling market. They will either allow Echo Entertainment to relocate to a larger venue or give Crown Casinos the green light to construct a second casino. Either way, there will already be a major gambling venue on the Gold Coast, and Ms Levy does not want another one around.

“The people up in Brisbane wanted a second casino up there and they don’t appear to be very interested in a casino down here on the Gold Coast,” she says.

Broadwater is still in development, so popular opinion may change. However, at the moment, it does not seem as though a new casino will be built on the property.