Lottoland a threat to Tatts?

The monopoly in the lottery marker has been controlled by the Tatts Group, but it may be under threat from an Uber style shake up from Lottoland the Sydney Morning Herald has reported.

Lottoland has captured the headlines after  Australians got the chance to bet on the $1.5 billion US lotto jackpot. It has been observed that the online lottery operators have observed the good potential to gain strength in Tatts’ turf – which might explain why Tatts are looking to expand their lotto product.


The lottery operators have received the Northern Territory gamblers licensed on 24th December and started the cashing in among millions of Australian lotto customers. As per the declaration of popular Lotto operator, the organization has gained more over $2 billion revenues on 2015 from only lottery division.

The business share of Tatts was not enough to stop the collision with state government. The collision took place on different places like New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria and it was assumed that more over $1 billion lose has considered by the organization due to the tax policies of the lottery business in 2015.

According to the Investment bank report CLSA, the effect of the fight between Tatts and states tap the Lottoland towards the down market. Therefore the proper licensing is the main threat for the organization on 2015.  Therefore, Lottoland is working as a partner of Tatts and generate the chance to bet on the results of the lottery against the purchasing an actual ticket for lucky draw. However, the jackpot has been hit by the punters and Lottoland paid the prize money for the customers who won the prize money. It has been observed that the insurance policies with the companies like Lloyd of London have been claimed by the Lottoland and other lottery operator. The company has started the operations on 2013, the more over 2 millions players are newly added, and more over 30,000 customers are registered past two days.