Adelaide Casino to receive a $300 million dollar expansion

Adelaide Casino finally has its wish – an expansion estimated to cost up to 300 million dollars  – The Australian reports. This approval means that work is scheduled to begin mid-year, bringing with it 500 jobs and around 1000 construction-based operational positions. The new expansion also includes a new gaming space, hotel with 80 rooms as well as new restaurants – however the development does not come without it’s concerns – Nick Xenophon has been a vocal opponent for the scheme.

Adelaide Casino 1

Urban Development Minister, Stephen Mullighan stated that this new expansion would allow the casino to become jewel in the states crown, by introducing a new gaming experience for VIPs as well as possessing signature restaurants. Although, Senator Nick Xenophon argued that the expansion would only result in more gambling losses with an increase in gambling addiction. He further stated that since SkyCity were investing this much in the expansion meant that they were expecting returns from increased activities like that of gambling. He goes on to explain that the expansion would allow more punters to avail new gambling machines, which in turn motivates them to gamble more resulting in greater risks of them becoming addicted. This is concern, as the state already has larger punter base who account for huge losses annually.

According to Nigel Morrison, South Australia could do with the redevelopment of the casino, as it would create jobs and result in economic growth for the state. In addition, he reassures that SkyCity will remain committed to develop excellent facilities that will rival world-class destinations across the globe, attracting visitors from both across the world and locally. Apart from that, the expansion would also help the state attract more high-value customers from all across the world.

The success of this expansion will depend on how the people perceive it, whether it will increase gamblers or just attract more customers to its existing services is debateable. The growing concern over increasing numbers of gamblers as well the reforms in gambling will all shape the success of Adelaide Casino.