Impact of Pokies in Geelong and other communities

Introduction and setting up of poker machines, can lead to positive outcomes in communities like new jobs and economic benefits for the state through taxation. However it also brings concerns, which could negatively affect some communities way of life – as the Geelong Advertiser reports below…

Pokies can become an irresistible temptation throwing away hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a relatively short space of time.

Geelong Pokies


The danger is that the addiction could drive people to use savings which otherwise may be used for mortgage payments, tuition fees and school fees. Such circumstances are not uncommon claim the gambling financial counsellors at Diversitat.

Estimates point that at least half of all revenue generated from pokies come from gamblers who are addicted or who have a gambling problem. In addition, five to ten people are affected due to the gambling tendencies of problem gambler.

Lower-income families seem to suffer the most, with most losses reported from such families, backed by the fact that Australia has one the world’s worst pokies losses per capita, it becomes imperative to control and reduce gambling in the Geelong communities.

The youth too are being affected with the emergence of pokies, with some spending loan money on gambling. In Victoria, gambling machines situated in Greater Geelong itself records losses exceeding $110 million per year; hence, the question of introducing pokies to communities becomes even more open to debate.

The problem with stopping the spread of pokies is that acts as a source of income for owners, allowing tax revenue to be generated. As a result, in some states, the cash-strapped nature of governments welcomes the spread of poker machines and gambling.