Kiwis gambling less than Aussies

The New Zealand online gamblers have dropped in the gambling tables sixth from fourth in the world.

Now the Australian gamblers have owned the place of first to fourth place in the global gambling industry. According to the Hearld 2015 report, the New Zealand gamblers have lost $661 for every year. This amount of losing money is five times of the global average of almost $138. It has been observed that last year Australian people have lost almost $1396 per person and maintained the unenviable spot in the published H2 league table. Singapore has owned second place last year, but 50% of gamblers  were foreign travellers. Finland also dropped from third place to fifth place based on the last year report and Ireland is now in fourth place.

NZ gambling less

According to the Chief executive of the gambling Foundation Mr. Greeme Ramsey the New Zealand followed the the footsteps of their Aussie neighbours by installing poker machines in the late 80s, which has been a big contributing factor in the rise of gambling losses in NZ.

According to the statistics of Internal Affairs Departments, more over $614 million a year was lost in in 1994 and this rose to $2 billion lost by 2004 – this was down to Aussie pokies coming into NZ.

Thier has been a levelling off of loses since the Gambling Act 2004 which was allowed councils to reduce the pokies numbers. According to the H2 statistics the loss of the last year which amounts upto $2.3 billion was competitively higher than the last internal Affairs figure of approximately $2.1 billion on 2014.