Lottery websites could become an addiction

Recently Lottoland allowed around 250,000 Australians to try their hand at the $ 2.1 billion jackpot US Powerball. According to legal experts, this could set in motion a new gambling addiction in an already plagued gambling country. Websites like Lottoland offer services which allows people to “buy tickets” and take part in overseas lotteries.

9 News reports that these virtually based lotteries like Lottoland even allow unprecedented access to  tickets. It is estimated that if apps for these websites are launched it could encourage gamblers to spend up to $30 multiple times throughout the day.


The threat being that these websites have already showed indicators pointing towards a possible addiction similar to that in pokies or poker machines. Pokies currently being the most dangerous form of gambling, allows multiple bets to be placed continuously. For the many people who are currently facing financial difficulties, purchasing online tickets could be seen as an easy way out. This fact backed by overseas studies indicates the poorer a person, the more likely the individual will turn to lotteries.

Despite the unrealistic odds of actually winning a lottery, people continue to invest into this “money pit”. According to existing research, in America alone at least 21% of people believe that lotteries were the only practical way of becoming rich, a dangerous though that even stems from within the Australian people. Mr. Byrne commented that low-income families try to escape from the realities of their financial hardships by resorting to scratchies, lotteries and other forms of gambling. Joshua Rosenthal, the addictions councillor of Cabin Sydney, further stated that for many, the addiction of gambling is often too strong to let go. In addition, since the addiction acts like reward it affects those parts of the brain that perceives rewards. As a result, people who engage in gambling consider that the reward outweigh the risk.