Sports betting companies try to regulate in-play betting

Sportbet has hit out at TAB outlets and clubs for holding back online innovation because they are concerned about their revenue.

The Irish gambling organization Paddy Power has expressed concern that the monopoly position has been owned by the Tabcorp and Tatts is unfair, given that the Federal government puts pressure on the corporate bookmakers to minimize the in-play gambling online – online bookmakers are forced to use the telephone or other retail outlet for in-play gambling. With such a competitive advantage, Tabcorp have come out against reform and regulation of live betting.

In Play betting

Sportsbet claim that the online gambling is preferred by the customers on the global front and because online bookies can’t offer a live betting service, it has forced the Australian customers into unregulated betting action. However, this process increased the risk for the Australian sports industry – with regulation Tabcorp could lose revenue of $20 million and $6o million.

Morgan Stanley has said that of the 36 countries in which sports betting is legal, only Australia does not allow live betting.