Sydney Lockout Boosts Business for The Star

Ever since the Sydney lockout was introduced last year, the city’s local casino has thrived. The Star has seen plenty more business and has seen very strong growth in the number of patrons at its nightclubs and restaurants.

The lockout prevents clubs in Sydney’s entertainment district from accepting new patrons after 1:30am and last drinks must be served by 3am. The only venue that has been exempted from the lockout is The Star, and this decision has resulted in significant growth for the casino. Ever since the law was passed in 2014, The Star has been the go-to venue for revellers who cannot get into other nightclubs or bars late at night.

The biggest impact was seen in The Star’s food, beverage and retail revenue. Over the course of 2015, it grew to $108 million. By the end of 2016, it is except that the revenue will be boosted by an extra 3%. Gambling revenue had increased by 10% to $677 million. By the end of this year, it is expected that gaming revenue will grow by an extra 12%.

While members of the community stated that this growth is due largely to the lockout laws. However, the casino’s executive team deny that they have any had significant impact on The Star’s business.

“The Star has witnessed consistent visitation growth across all times of the day, and we now welcome 11 million guests a year,” says a spokesperson for the company. “The $870m transformation of The Star, completed three years ago, was the catalyst for increased visitation.”

Still, there is no denying that there is a positive correlation between the lockout laws being introduced and The Star seeing more business. As such, responsible gambling advocates have started to campaign to either include The Star in the lockout or to lift the ban completely.