Ad Campaign Urges Problem Gamblers to Seek Help

‘You’re Stronger Than You Think’ is an advertising campaign that was first launched in 2014 that encouraged at-risk players and problem gamblers to seek help. The campaign was so successful that NSW’s Responsible Gambling Fund has launched a second phase.

Marketing firm LOUD has worked hard the campaign, creating television ads, posters and radio spots to help remove the stigma of seeking help for gambling addiction. ‘You’re Stronger Than You Think’ communicates the message that individuals should not feel ashamed to get the help that they need to overcome their addictions.

Problem gambling is seen in quite a different light to other addictions. Studies have shown that there is a stigma attached to gambling addiction, and problem gamblers are not seen as victims. So, they tend to be treated with less sympathy and are more reluctant to come forward and admit to their addiction.

The television ad shows a man visiting a pub and sitting down at a poker machine. Instead of pulling out his credit card, he ponders for a moment and then turns on his phone. He looks at a picture of his children and decides to open the Gambling Help website, which offers counselling services to problem gamblers and at-risk players.

You can take a look at the ad below:

When the campaign was first launched in 2014, it had a very positive impact on the local community. There are 270% increase in the number of people who sought assistance from Gambling Help with a 15% increase in the number of people who called the helpline, a 19% increase in online counselling attendees and a 27% in face-to-face counselling participants. The Responsible Gambling Fund is hopeful that similar results will be seen during the second phase of the ‘You’re Stronger Than You Think’ campaign.