City Planners Not Pleased With Crown Barangaroo Design

Crown Resorts has come under fire for the design of its Barangaroo Casino, a high-roller gambling venue that will cater to wealthy tourists from around the world. City planners have criticised the design of the tower for potentially overshadowing the rest of the Sydney waterfront.

Despite making a number of changes to the design of its Barangaroo Casino property, Crown Resorts is still facing opposition from local city planners. The develop agreed to reduce the amount of space taken up by the façade of the venue, and widening the public space between the casino tower and Watermans Cove. The goal of making these changes was to satisfy city planners who were concerned about the new casino property being too imposing, but the issue continues to be heavily debated.

In fact, Sydney’s Director of City Planning Graham Jahn has even suggested that the design of the casino should be rejected by the New South Wales Planning Assessments Commission. He argues that the 200-metre casino tower will overshadow the existing waterfront that is known for the Sydney Opera House and other iconic landmarks. He says:

“Views of the Opera House for 66 apartments and VIP guests at the expense of permanent foreshore parkland for Sydneysiders cannot be a defensible trade-off.”

Still, the Barangaroo Casino offers up significant benefits to the City of Sydney. The venue will attract high roller tourists from around the world, bringing in millions of tourism dollars every year. It will also create thousands of jobs for locals which will further help to boost the local economy.

This continues to be a heavily debated issued in the Australian gambling market, causing further delays for the grand opening of Crown Resorts’ new Baragaroo Casino. As this story develops, we will keep you posted.