Will the Broadwater Marine Project Include a Casino?

ASF Consortium have been working hard to push forward with its plans to develop the Broadwater Marine Project, which will feature a cruise ship terminal, hotel, casino, marine, shopping mall, community open space, recreational facilities and more. The project may also include a casino, but the developer has run into some problems securing a license.

In Queensland, there is a regional gambling license up for grabs on the Gold Coast, and ASF Consortium is eager to claim it. However, the development firm was told that it would be unlikely to receive the license without help from a local gaming operator.

This is the same issue that the Aquis integrated casino and resort ran into, which led the project to ultimately dump its plans. Despite the fact that the casino was received a great deal of support from local lawmakers, Aquis decided that the resort would not host a gambling venue.

ASF Consortium did not want to go the same route, so the developer is making plans to work with Crown Resorts to secure a casino license for the Broadwater Marine Project. The two parties have been in negotiations this month, but neither company has commented.

The project has the potential to bring in billions of tourism dollars over the course of the next few years. Fact sheets state that the Broadwater Marine Project could double overnight visitor expenditure to nearly $30 billion by the year 2020, while creating a sustainable tourism development in the Gold Coast. It will also create thousands of jobs in the tourism, hospitality and gaming industries for local residents.

Should Crown Resorts get involved in the project, it is likely that Broadwater will include a casino. This would further boost the earning potential of the property and serve to making the Gold Coast a gambling destination.