Star Casino Donates $1.5 Million to Barnardos

The Star Casino in Sydney has recently partnered with Barnardos Australia, a local charity that aims to benefit disadvantaged young people across the country. While the partnership will see the casino donate $1.5 million to the charity, local responsible gambling advocates have expressed concerns.

The Community Council of Australia has spoken out against the partnership, questioning Barnardos decision to accept such a large donation from an ‘immoral industry’. However, the charity has offered some reassurance, stating that the partnership may actually be beneficial and help to lower problem gambling rates.

“We really are very confident that this particular funding relationship allows us to enter actively into a conversation and a dialogue about mitigating the risks posed to children,” reads a statement from Barnardos. “We’re quite confident that we can have those conversations with The Star and with the people who manage The Star and indeed with the customers.”

Furthermore, the partnership between The Star and Barnardos will really help to benefit young people across the country. There are over 4000 staff members at The Star Casino, so the company can offer young people access to hospitality job opportunities and give them insight into the industry during the formative years. Since many disadvantaged young people in NSW do not often have access to job opportunities, this partnership will really help them get off to a great start in the job market.

The Star will also be helping with fundraising initiatives for Barnardos. Employees will get involved, as well, as they will donate their time to help carry out repairs and other tasks at Barnardos centres in New South Wales.

“We relish the opportunity to make a difference to the community and look forward to providing unique opportunities for our employees to support Barnardos,” says Greg Hawkins, Managing Director of The Star.