Jupiters Casino May Add Residential Units

The renovation project for Jupiters Casino and Hotel in Queensland keeps getting bigger and bigger. Originally, the plan consisted of a casino tower that includes a luxury hotel – and, there is now the possibility that the property will host apartment units for permanent residents.

Geoff Hogg, Managing Director of Star Queensland has recently shared his plans with Premier Annastacia Pakaszczuk. It would consist of a multi-decade project that would add new apartment towers over time, in addition to a recreational space and a connection to Pacific Fair.

The Jupiters Casino apartment complex plan is an addition to the $345 million makeover for the property. This project will include the construction of a six-star hotel and a completely renovated casino floor, which will be completed by 2018 in time to the Commonwealth Games.

The proposal is now up for public consultation. So, members of the community will have the opportunity to weigh in and let the government know if they think it is a good idea to add new apartment towers to the Jupiters Casino site. Many members of the public support the plan, while others are concerned that there isn’t enough space on the site to comfortably accommodate more than one tower.

“It is the first time we’ve had any residential offering,” says Mr Hogg. “The first thing we’ll focus on is getting approval – hopefully in about July – and then we hope to start marketing them in December.”

The redevelopment of Jupiters Casino will certainly benefit the local economy in Queensland. During the construction process along, 1000 jobs will be created for local residents – and, many more jobs will be available once the newly renovated casino and hotel are up and running. It will also bring in more tourism from high roller visitors, making the Gold Coast into a leading gambling destination in Australia.